For Chairs & Speakers

Instructions for Chairs

  • Please come to your session room 15 minutes before your session starts. The seat for next chair will be in the front row on the right.
  • Please proceed the session per the following time allocation.

Instructions for Presentation

Ⅰ. ORAL Presentation

  • The time allotted for each presentation is scheduled as follows:

    • Mentors' Message to Young Neuropathologists......Presentation 60min incl. Q&A
    • Special Seminar...... Presentation 60min incl. Q&A
    • Diagnostic Slide Session...... Presentation 25min incl. Q&A
    • Plenary 1, 2, 4...... Presentation 60min incl. Q&A
    • Plenary 3, 5...... Presentation 30min incl. Q&A
    • Symposium 1, 3, 5~9, 11~13, 16, 19, 22, 23, 27~30...... Presentation 20min incl. Q&A
    • Symposium 2, 4...... Presentation 30min incl. Q&A
    • Symposium 15, 18, 21......Presentation 8min+Q&A 2min
    • Symposium 17, 20, 26...... Presentation 6min+Q&A 2min
    • Evening Seminar 1 Teaching Course...... Presentation 30min incl. Q&A
    • Special Lecture 1, 2...... Presentation 50min incl. Q&A
    • Special Lecture 3, 5...... Presentation 40min incl. Q&A
    • Special Lecture 4...... Presentation 25min incl. Q&A
    • Educational Lecture...... Presentation 25min incl. Q&A
    • Asian Diagnostic Slide Session…..Presentation 10min/Special Comment 5min/Discussion 5min
    • Minisymposium...... Presentation 25min incl. Q&A (*Special Comment 10min)
    • Nissl Award Lecture...... Presentation 30min incl. Q&A
    • Oral 1~9, 11, 13~18...... Presentation 7min+Q&A 2min
    • Oral 10, 12...... Presentation 5min+Q&A 2min

    Below are exceptional.

    • Symposium 10
      Please follow the session coordinator’s instructions.
    • Symposium 14
      S14-1...5min, S14-2, 4...20min, S14-3...30min, Discussion 5min
    • Symposium 24
      S24-1~3...20min, S24-4, 5...15min
    • Symposium 25
      S25-1, 2... Presentation 25min incl. Q&A, S25-3 ~ 5...Presentation 8min+Q&A 2min
    • Symposium 31
      S31-1 ~ 4...25min, S31-5...20min
  • All presentations will be done on PC.
  • Please bring your own PC or presentation data (PPT). The only PC media that will be available are CD-R or USB Flash memory, or your own PC.
  • PCs with Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013 are to be used. Macintosh users: Please bring your own computer for your presentation.
  • Animation and sound functions will be available. If your presentation data is in PC media, please make sure that the data is compatible with Media Players for Windows. Standard PC fonts for Windows should be used.
  • If you are using your own PC, please make sure to bring an AC adaptor (standard 2 -pin type). For projector output purposes, a VGA cable will be provided. Please confirm whether your PC is equipped with an RGB jack (mini D-sub 15 pin type) as standard. If you use a different type of RGB jack to connect to an external monitor, please bring it with you. XGA (1024×768) is the suitable monitor size. For purpose data projection, please adjust your screen setting to XGA. Please cancel your screen saver and power saving settings in advance, especially if your data includes video image and sound.

    RGB JACK Mini D-sub 15 pin

  • Please bring your PC or PC data to the PC Preview Desk at least 30 minutes prior to your presentation to register and submit it to test the connection and view your file.
  • Please use the mouse on the podium for your presentation. You are required to handle your data yourself, using the mouse connected to the PC.
  • Please come to your session room 15 minutes before your session starts. The seat for next speaker will be in the front row on the left.
  • The copied data for your presentation will be deleted by the secretariat after the congress.
  • The PC Preview Desk will be located and be open as follows:

    Date Time Place
    Sunday, September 23 9:00 – 17:30 Clinical Auditorium, 6F,
    Tokyo Medical University Hospital*
    Monday, September 24 8:20 – 17:00 Katsura, 4F, South Tower,
    Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
    Tuesday, September 25 8:10 – 17:30
    Wednesday, September 26
    Thursday, September 27 8:20 – 14:30 Eminence Hall, 5F, South Tower,
    Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

    *For presenters on September 24-27, your PC data will not be accepted on September 23.

Ⅱ. POSTER Presentation

  • Free discussion
  • At least one author must attend and be available during your assigned poster session (60 minutes).
  • Poster: 90cm wide×180cm high
  • Presentation number will be provided by the secretariat.

Presenters are requested to follow the schedule below when mounting your poster on the assigned board and removing your poster materials from the board.

Poster set-up and removal schedule:
Date Set-up Poster Presentation Removal
Monday, September 24 8:30 – 9:00 14:30 – 15:30 17:50 – 18:00
Tuesday, September 25
Wednesday, September 26 15:00 – 16:00

Your poster presentation number will be posted on your assigned board and the poster can be attached to the board.

Push pins for mounting your poster materials will be provided on site.

Note: All posters must be removed during the removal time on the day of presentation. Posters not removed will be discarded by the secretariat.


Poster room layout:

Find where to mount your poster. Your poster presentation number can be found in the poster presentation list sent to poster presenters from the secretariat in advance, or the program book to be distributed on-site.

Poster Session 1 (Sept. 24) Poster Session 2 (Sept. 25) Poster Session 3 (Sept. 26)
Poster Session 1 Poster Session 2 Poster Session 3

Ⅲ. Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest (COI)

Example of declaration in slides

All presenters must declare their COI status on the first presentation slide (or immediately after the title and presenters) as below.





Disclosure in posters

Print either “The author has no conflict of interest with any corporate organizations relating to this presentation.” or “The author has conflict of interests with the following corporate organization(s).

Names of corporate organization(s)” in an appropriate position (e.g. after the Summary or before or after Acknowledgements).